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Deb & Rob Then
Deb & Rob Now

There was a point in my life when I was fat, unhealthy, unhappy, and felt out of control with my eating habits. My obsession with food and guilt over the way I looked stole many years of my life away. And I never dreamed it could change. But through recovery from Binge Eating Disorder and making changes to my diet and lifestyle, I am 70 lbs healthier, and have had freedom from compulsive overeating with the daily tools I have learned to use, which is SO important for the journey.

The one positive side to my 25- year struggle with food is it inspired me to help others that want to make life changes when it comes to nutrition and health! Again, you don’t have to do this alone. If I had had someone to reach out to while I was eating nonstop, someone who understood what I was going through, someone who wouldn’t judge me, and someone who could help me overcome my issues once and for all, I would have done it in a heartbeat and saved myself years of the vicious cycle of obsession and food addiction.

I can help you if you’re…

  • A hardcore food addict (like me) who desperately wants help breaking the cycle that has you in chains.
  • An emotional eater who wants to learn how to manage cravings and weight issues.
  • Suffering from low energy and looking for healthy ways to boost your productivity and alertness.
  • Someone who wants to learn how to eat “clean” and improve your overall health by improving your nutritional intake.
  • Living a life jam-packed with activity and you want to learn how to make time for health in a productive way.
  • Someone with specific health goals who wants help achieving them.

12002160_10207516231413461_6585640119313208459_nI will be your coach, mentor, educator, encourager, advisor and friend. I’ll design a program for you based on your health and weight management goals, your lifestyle and your behaviors. And then I’ll help you work through that program and find the health and freedom you deserve!

If you want to take a step forward today, please email me. I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation to chat about your hopes and dreams for your health and how we can work together to achieve them!

Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. And you are SO worth it!